What exciting things are going on at Fort Knox? Find it here on our blog!

This is the first blog for Fort Knox Self-Storage. In this introductory blog, we will begin with a brief overview of various subjects we intend to blog about. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Some of the subjects will be packing, storing, what items are good to store, what items are not good to store, getting to know the managers, paying on time, methods of payment, plus suggestions on subjects of interest and many more.

Let us know if there's something you're interested in knowing more about, or questions about storing your personal or business items.

Being in Central New Mexico, we deal with mild winters and hot summers. Some years winters are colder and some summers hotter, but our tempatures usually do not go below zero or above 120 degrees. The temperature inside a storage unit will be different than the outside temperature. In the winter the unit may warm up with the sunshine, but the night temps should be your main concern. In the summer, the biggest concern is the 150+ degrees inside the units. Anything stored should be given proper consideration.

Storing items that are sensitive to heat or cold can be a challenge. Photographs, for instance - older pictures will start to curl off the backing when subjected to heat and cold, having them in photo albums will help, this could also help eliminate some of the curling or the separation of the photo paper. Old slides and movies are best in the original containers