Friday February 14th, 2014

Protecting Items from Heat and Cold

then wrapped in non-acid paper, bubble wrap or peanuts for further protection and stored in sturdy boxes or crates.

Candles or any type of wax products do not store very well in heat. Free-standing candles should be in a plastic bag so the melting wax does not transfer to other items. Candles in glass containers are best for the heat and cold.

Valuable items such as paintings, should be crated properly before storing. Furs should be stored in a climate-controlled area specifically designed for furs. Jewelry should be in a jewelry case/box. If not available, then each piece should be wrapped individually and place in a small sturdy box. Also when storing these items, the tenant should have insurance at all times. Fragile items are more venerable to the variations of heat and cold. Fragile glass should be carefully wrapped with paper, bubble wrap or peanuts and stored in sturdy boxes or bins with nothing heavy stacked on top. Figurines and smalls should be wrapped as fragile glass.

The next blog will be storing for the wind, rain, and dust.