Tips for Packing

  1. Choose the right size storage unit. Make a list of what you plan to store in the unit. Plan to pack the unit with furniture to the back so that you can stack some boxes on heavy furniture items. If you have questions about the best size storage unit, ask our on-site managers. They have lots of experience to help you decide what size will work best.
  2. Determine what packing supplies you will need. Our office has those you might need most often: packing tape, plastic dust covers, and more. Sometimes we have boxes and bubble wrap on hand as well.
  3. Use dresser drawers to pack fragile items. Boxes should be filled completely so they’ll stack better, but don’t go more than 3 or 4 high, depending on the weight of the box. Disassemble furniture if possible, such as removing table legs or lamp shades. Some furniture like sofas can be stored on end to save room. Mattresses should be covered and stored flat.
  4. Do not store any food or perishable items with your belongings as they are likely to draw pests.
  5. Plan how you might need to access your items while in storage. You may want to leave an aisle in the middle of the unit to have some access to items in the back. Always plan what items you’ll need most access to, so that they are stored at the front.

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